Tour Dates

Remember: not just a battle of the bands, it’s a battle to save music

Bands from different genres (e.g. rock, alternative, reggae, folk, country, rap, etc.) will all have the opportunity to participate.

The event will consist of 7 regions: Click on your Region to see latest info on venue dates and up to date winners of Regional Events


  • Battle for the Stage National Finals

    Las Vegas, 2 Day Event May TBD 2018

    Battle for the Stage The Main Stage !!

    Madison Square Garden


    Within each region, bands will compete at a number of predetermined venues for an opportunity to compete at each regions respective finals event. The regional events will take place sequentially over approximately a two-month period, with some overlap with the previous regions finals.

    The national finals will be held during spring break, May 2018, in Las Vegas, NV at one of the major casinos.

Grand Finale

The winner will receive an all-inclusive trip to New York City  where they will perform on the main stage at Madison Square Garden.